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My Traveling Essentials

What with all of the flights back and forth visiting one college here and one orientation over there, this past year has been filled with more planes and flying than I could have ever asked for. Not that I mind it in any way, I love flying but, to be fair, I think I've been at LAX enough times to last me a lifetime. 

With that said, all of these flights have been pretty good tests of my preparation and packing. After so many trips from Boston and back, I've been able to whittle down my carry-on necessities to just a few essentials that help keep me occupied and comfortable both to and from. 

As I get ready to fly back to Boston (and this time, I'm staying 😉), I know for sure what I'm bringing on the flight with me to make the 5-hour trip seem shorter than what it really is. So, without further ado, here are my traveling essentials:


I usually prefer to bring a smaller backpack on the plane as it doesn't cause too much bulk, My Vans backpack (pictured above) is small enough to easily store underneath my seat and carry all of my flight necessities as well. 

In my front pocket, I usually like to simply pack the essentials that I will need to take out and handle the most, both at the airport and on the plane. In order to keep my passport and my boarding pass together, I've found it easiest to keep them in a small pencil bag. This helps prevent the inevitable scrounging around and panicking before I reach TSA or the gate. I also like to carry my sunglasses and my wallet in the very front pocket. I've simply become accustomed to always having my sunglasses with me, wherever I go, and the airport is no exception. My wallet is the last "front pocket essential" just in case I need to buy a quick snack or I need to whip out my ID. 


Moving on back to the biggest pocket, this pocket carries every single item that keeps me alive during long, long flights. 

Although it might seem excessive, I almost always carry both my laptop and Nook with me. I very rarely use my laptop on flights as I find it extremely difficult to take out and put back in during the flight. Also, to be completely honest, I'm just too lazy to bother. And... this is where my Nook plays in.  My Nook not only carries my library of e-books, it also has Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. I always have a couple of shows and movies downloaded on both apps that I can watch wherever and whenever. 

I also like to bring an empty water bottle, my headphones and a portable charger.  If you know me, you know that I don't go anywhere without my Hydroflask. I simply make sure to empty it out prior to going through TSA and immediately fill it up once I'm on the other side. Not only does it carry a decent amount of water but it also saves a couple of dollars.  My Beats headphones are a must when I'm traveling. They're compact so I can store them practically anywhere but due to the fact that they're wireless, I can connect them to any of my devices without trouble. 

Finally, my portable charger - God's technological gift from above. I use my phone all the time when traveling, whether that be to call someone, finding my boarding pass, or just passing the time when I'm bored. But, truth be told, when I actually need it on the flight, it's usually down to 10% battery. So, low and behold, I whip out my portable charger and I can use my phone without worry the entirety of the flight. 

A good book and my notebook are also my constant companions on long flights. Occasionally, I do pick up a good, old, classic paperback to bring along with me. Although it does take up slightly more room in my backpack, it's the perfect way to pass the time either waiting for your plane or on the flight.  No matter where I go, my notebook comes with me. So, of course I'll bring it with me to the airport. Just in case some idea or note comes to mind, I can quickly write it down in my notebook and then store it back in my backpack. 

I never leave the house without fixing my face just a little bit and I especially won't get off the plane looking an absolute mess. I, of course, won't bring my entire makeup with me but I always have just a few makeup products at my disposal on the flight.

I always have a powder and a brush with me to get rid of that terrible oily T-zone. I usually do this right before we get off the flight. I also carry with me some type of lip product just to give my face a bit of color as well as a lip balm. And last but not least, I always have a small bottle of eye drops as my eyes can become extremely dry during long flights.  


Hopefully, this gave a few ideas of what to bring (and maybe what not !) on your next flight! Let me know down below if you picked up something new and your list of your top traveling essentials!


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