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Taiyaki NYC Boston

Classic Taiyaki and Choco-Lit Taiyaki — Taiyaki NYC Boston

All things cute, unique, and extravagant desserts have taken over not only the culinary world but have also caught the attention of the dessert novice. Ice cream and Asian desserts, in particular, have truly become to buzz of the town with the younger generations.

If you keep up-to-date on the “much-loved” Instagram, you’ve probably seen just a few too many bubbly boba drinks, fun-colored rolled ice creams, or everything matcha, matcha, matcha. But, let’s be real - although all of those dessert posts do make us somewhat envious and slightly hungry, they are nice to look at and add to our “dessert to-do” list.

Boston, as a typical cosmpolitan city, has its own array and menu of unique dessert places. However, it has yet to match New York’s distinguishable myriad of sweet confections. With that said, Boston is upping its game in the dessert department as it has recently added quite a few well-known New York-based dessert and sweet shops. One of which happens to be Taiyaki NYC Boston.


Known for its unique fish-shaped waffle cone and its much-loved Unicorn Taiyaki ice cream, Taiyaki has taken, not only the Asian dessert market but the American dessert market, by storm. Social media and people in general simply cannot get enough of the adorable fish waffle cones and I truly can’t blame them.

I was in town for a quick drop-and-go just last weekend and, of course, I had quite the list of places I wanted to go to - all of which involved food. As much as I wanted to cram every single restaurant and dessert shop into the few hours I was in Beantown, it was simply not humanly possible. However, I was able to fit in just a few of my top spots, including Taiyaki.

Although I had quite the menu of options I could choose from, I though it best to go classic and simple. I opted for the classic Taiyaki - traditional vanilla soft serve in their beloved fish waffle cone, topped with chocolate drizzle, Oreo crumble, and a Pirrouette wafer cookie. Just imagine it for a second… (don’t let the drool drip out of your mouth. That’s not classy.)

My brother, who also joined me in my Taiyaki venture, ordered the Choco-lit Taiyaki. This ice cream novelty featured chocolate ice cream in a Taiyaki cone, finished with a chocolate drizzle, chocolate powder, and a Pirrouette wafer cookie.

Honestly, I thought it was quite good. The ice cream was the right texture and very sweet. A mistake made too often with vanilla ice cream specifically is that it can be slightly watered down or overly sweet. I don’t think Taiyaki’s vanilla hit any of these roadbumps. The flavor, sweetness, and thickness of the soft serve was just up my alley.

The chocolate drizzle, Oreo crumble, and wafer cookie were a good addition to the otherwise simple ice cream combination. There was the right amount of drizzle that didn’t overpower the vanilla flavor or the sweetness of the ice cream itself. The Oreo crumble was much too powdery for me. So much so that I nearly inhaled it when I tried to lick the cone. However, I did quite like the Oreo and vanilla ice cream combination. The wafer cookie was a hit for me, personally. I love Pirrouette wafer cookies so it’s always a plus when I get to have one.

Truth be told, I was really looking forward to the fish cone. Inside the shop, you can watch employees make the ice cream cones in front of you and it is quite mesmerizing.

When I first came in, I was not aware the cone had a custard aspect to it; I went in thinking that the cone was going to have a Belgian-waffle type of consistency. While the cone itself was pleasantly crunchy and browned on the outside and the inside was delicaletly soft and warm, the center of the dough does contain vanilla custard.

As per before, my brother and I were unaware of this and thought the waffle cone was undercooked. It was not, folks. Once we realized it was supposed to be gooey on the inside, we quite liked the addition of the custard. I think it was a good addition to the cone so as to keep the person on their toes and switch up the texture and flavors just a bit.

However, despite all of the plus’s about the classic Taiyaki, I do think there was too much served in each cone. I generally can get through a decent amount of ice cream but this cone was too much. I actually had to go outside and toss out more than half of the ice cream in the cone. I think that if they had served less, it would have been just fine but it was truly a giant’s serving size. But, I do understand that the large serving is for aesthetic purposes and because every in the United States just has to be bigger. I think it’s become the unofficial U.S. food rule.


All in all, I quite liked Taiyaki NYC Boston. I do think I will be back once I go back for the school year but I’ll probably end up splitting with a friend or two.


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