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Summer Favorites

All of my 2018 summer favorites to include in your everyday essentials!

This past month, not going to lie, was a complete whirlwind. From graduation to family visits to orientation to early morning swim, it was non-stop. But, although there were few moments where I was allowed to stop and breathe for a couple of seconds, I did manage to pick up a few new obsessions along the way. 

Now, let me preface - my "Monthly Favorites", although they may include a few beauty products here and there, are not entirely makeup-related. They will simply include a collection of current picks and, well, favorites of that month. But, of course, who can go by an entire month without finding a new favorite makeup product? ッ

My "Monthly Favorites" will be a way for me to share the items and products that have been revolving in my little sphere the past month, including makeup, food, television shows and movies, and everything else in between. Hopefully, you can pick up something new and so can I (comment your current favorites down below!)

         So, without further ado, here are my June favorites:   



Glossier Haloscope in Quartz ($22) : I jumped on the highlighter bandwagon and went ahead and bought myself the cult-classic - the Glossier Haloscope. Distinguishable from other popular highlighters, the Haloscope is quite gentle on the eye. It is barely a shine, moreso a natural glow and light which I quite like. It glides on effortlessly and, fortunately, is absent the obvious, chunky glitters that most other highlighters have.

Bobbi Brown Crushed Lip Color in Plum ($29) : I have always preferred balm-like lipsticks over the traditional lipstick. This Bobbi Brown lipstick applies and feels just like a balm with lipstick color pay-off. This is my go-to on a day-to-day basis as it has a very light texture and formula and matches my natural lipcolor almost exactly. 

TIGI Bedhead Mini Hard Head Hairspray ($5.99) : I picked up this little guy while in Boston, hence the travel-size container. Although it is the smallest can, not much is needed to hold your 'do in place. My hair cannot hold a curl despite every trick in the book. With a few spritz of this hairspray, I can have loose, non-crunchy or stiff curls the entire day (they last overnight as well!). 

Conair Double Ceramic Curling Iron Rose Gold 1 1/2 inch ($17.99) : Yet another product I bought while in Boston (that ID photo has to look somewhat decent right?). Not only is it rose gold (which is just unexplainably fantastic), it is most definitely the best curling iron I've used. The barrel is the perfect size to give you natural, soft waves but it also heats up in seconds to speed up your morning routine and ensure you're ready and out the door on schedule. 

Ray-Ban Aviator Sunglasses in Brown ($168) : Aviator sunglasses have become the top summer trend for summer 2018. While looking for a new pair of sunglasses (as my old ones had just disappeared one day), I was somewhat unsure about the aviator style. But, after trying them, I was convinced that was the style for me. The frame and the glasses themselves are very light and can be dressed up or down. Aviators are some of the most versatile styles of sunglasses and are sure to be classy for your soiree or eye-catching enough for your lunch date. 

Spotify : To be honest, I was simply just too lazy to sign up for Spotify when it first became a fad. But, after realizing I would be getting a huge discount as a college student, I signed up immediately. Not only do I get to listen to any song I want without having to buy it, I also have the luxury of listening to the radio and specially-made playlists to suit whichever mood I'm in. Another plus - it doesn't take up as much storage as iTunes!


Endeavour : I have always loved mystery and detective shows. If the actors are British, then it is an added bonus. As of last year, when Sherlock ended, I have had a vacant spot in my "British TV show" slot. My mom actually discovered Endeavour and, after the very first episode, I was hooked. Opposite Sherlock's character, Detective Constable Endeavour Morse (played by Shaun Evans) is much more human and less-robotic. Paired up with Constable Fred Thursday (Roger Allam), Morse is out to solve murders and cases in 1960's Oxford, England. This dynamic duo more than exceeded my expectations and I suppose it is a slight plus that Shaun Evans isn't terrible-looking. Check out the trailer for Series 1 below!

The Firm : As of recently, I have taken a break from my usual romantic comedies. My dad happened to suggest this film one night and both my brother and I were captivated and enticed from the start. With a stellar cast including Tom Cruise, Gene Hackman, and Holly Hunter, The Firm does not fail to excite nor please. From the very beginning, the audience is on the edge of their seats, knowing something is crooked but not able to quite place their finger on it. From then on, one is constantly trying to keep one step ahead of Tom Cruise's character as he tries to navigate his way out of a sticky web of lies, deceit, fraud, and murder cover-ups. Check out the trailer above!


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